Barbara Doser
Katarina Matiasek Ur-Geräusch 2006
Music by Scanner
Barbara Doser
Brothers Quay In Absentia 2000
Music by Karlheinz Stockhausen
Klangstakkato + Bilderflut II A film series on the relation between sound art and cinematography, curated by Bady Minck
Babylon Mitte Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30
Opening 7 July 20:00     10.—13 July 20/22:00 + 15 July 20/22:30
Supported by BASF.
Klangstakkato und Bilderflut II  brings together documentaries, features and avant-garde films that each deal in a unique way with the relation between picture and sound in cinema. Staccato Sound & The Flood of Images: 12 programs at the interface of cinematography, sound and art.
Fri 7 July 20:00 Opening of the film series Klangstakkato & Bilderflut II
Thomas Riedelsheimer Touch the Sound [D/UK] 2004 100min
After a childhood illness leaves her unable to hear, the famous percussionist Evelyn Glennie learns to feel sound with her body. An absorbing expedition (with musical partners such as Fred Frith) into the innermost worlds of sound, into a fascinating universe in which we begin to hear pictures and see sounds.
22:00 Hubertus Siegert Berlin Babylon [D] 1996— 2001 88min
Hubertus Siegert exploits the whole gamut of cineastic possibilities and composes the atmospheric symphony of a capital city caught between megalomania and powerlessness. The film music accompanying the pictures of radical rebuilding, including collapsing pre-fab buildings, is played by Einstürzende Neubauten.
Followed by:surprise performance with musicians from EinstŸrzende Neubauten
Mon 10 July 20:00 Ana Torfs Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten [B/NL/A ] 1988 85min Ana Torfs uses the tension and interplay between visual art and cinematography in her staging of Beethoven's conversation books.
The Mozart Minutes [A] 2006 28min 26 cinematographic statements on the Mozart phenomenon by filmmakers such as Ruth Beckermann, Ulrich Seidl and Peter Tscherkassky.
22:00 Hans Richter Dreams that Money can buy USA 1944-47 85min Surrealistic dream sequences from Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Man Ray and Hans Richter. Film music by Louis Applebaum, Paul Bowles, John Cage, David Diamond, Duke Ellington, Darius Milhaud, Edgard Varèse.
Tue 11 July 20:00 Back to the Future with Cage
Takahiko Limura Ai (Love) [J] 1962 bw 15min 16mm
Camera voyage around two bodies making love with music by Yoko Ono
Frank Scheffer & Andrew Culver From Zero [NL] 1995 - 65min Chance operations determine the film montage here - as in Cage's music.
22:00 FLUXUS Film programme
Marie Menken Mood Mondrian [USA] 1962 colour 6 min The Mondrian painting 'Boogie-Woogie' is translated into music.
Lars Movin The Misfits - 30 Years of Fluxus [DK] 1993 - 80min Unconventional documentary with Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman, John Cage and others that works with manipulated video material in the tradition of Fluxus.
Wed 12 July 20:00 Frank Scheffer-Abend Regisseur Frank Scheffer führt durch den Abend und präsentiert seinen sonic-Zyklus.
Sonic Process: An evening with audio-visual transmutations, Part 1
Sonic Acts: Frank Scheffer From Stockhausen to Squarepusher [NL] 199860min Doku about the avant-garde of the electronic music scene: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Henry, John Cage, Michel Waisvisz, Merzbow, Squarepusher and DJ Spooky.
Sonic Images: Frank Scheffer, Ian Kerkhof, Alexander Oey u.a. — [NL] 1998 60 min
In 6 experimental short films, the relation between electronic music and digital filmmaking is considered: Floris Boddendijk Joost Rekeld: DJ Spooky / Rob Schroder: Squarepusher / Alexander Oey: Merzbow / Ian Kerkhof: Michel Waisvisz / Frank Scheffer: KarlHeinz Stockhausen
22:00 Sonic Process: An evening with audio-visual transmutations, Part 2
Sonic Fragments / the poetics of digital fragmentation: Frank Scheffer, Ian Kerkhof u.a. — [NL] 1999 81min
7 short films in which video footage of Sonic-Images-programmes are remixed. .
Sonic Genetics: Frank Scheffer, IPhilipp Virus, Gerald van der Kaap u.a. [NL] 2000 60min
5 experimental short films based on the video footage of the Sonic-Process-programmes.
Thur 13 July 20:00 Short Film programme 1
Sabine Groschup Ghosts - Nachrichten von Wem [A] 2000 colour 5min 35mm A melancholy picturesque journey through images of the night to sound by Andrea Sodomka.
Othmar Schmiderer Klang und Raum [A] 1988 55min Portrait des Tiroler Bauern und Uhrmachers Josef Hauser, der 20 Jahre an einer furiosen Klangmaschine aus Uhrwerken gebaut hat.
Ivan Ladislav Galeta Wal(l)zen [CRO] 1989 colour 7min 16/35mm
22:00 Short Film programme 3
Oskar Fischinger Tönende Ornamente [D] 1932 bw 7min Film study with drawn film stock, making picture and sound identical. First synthetically generated sound.
John Whitney Matrix II [USA] 1971 colour 6min Psychedelic computer-animated film to music by Terry Riley and Padre Antonio Soler.
Robert Breer Fist Fight [USA] 1964 9min 16mm Blurred stills to the music of Stockhausen.
Jòzef Robakowski Akustyczne jablko/Acoustic Apple [PL] 1994 colour 4min Sound performance in front of the camera.
Paul Sharits T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G [USA] 1968 colour 12min Flicker film with rapid, rhythmic montage. The sound is looped so that through the hypnotic repetition, constantly new contexts of meaning are suggested. Optic-erotic film attack.
Martin Arnold Alone. Life wastes Andy Hardy [A] 1998 bw 15 min 16mm Found footage film deconstructing Judy Garland's singing.
Barbara Doser even odd even [A] 2004 bw 8min In In combination with music by Hofstetter Kurt, constantly new patterns are generated, creating a hypnotic state of intoxication.
Andrés Ramírez Gaviria CO - Point and line to plane [A] 2005 colour 6 min By means of Morse code and soundtrack, the video visualises a sequence from the book Point and line to plane by Wassily Kandinsky.
Peter Tscherkassky Dream Work [A] 2001 bw 12min Cinemascope Found footage film.
Sat 15 July 20:00 Closing Evening
Shinji Aoyama Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani [J] 2005 117min (German premiere) In the near future, a suicide virus has nearly wiped out mankind. Two famous avant-garde musicians take off on a search for the perfect sound. Between noise and found art, they discover the curative effects for the virus in music itself.
22:30 Katarina Matiasek 4 Experimentalfilme [A] 2003-2006 16min An experimental short film programme with a world premiere: In "Ur-Geräusch" Matiasek takes up Rilke's idea of playing a skull's sutures with a gramophone needle.
Live Performance – Scanner 52 Spaces 52 Spaces was commissioned for Antonioni's 90th birthday and creates a timeless and surreal city both visually and acoustically.