sonambiente berlin 2006 is summer in berlin set to music for the eyes and ears. Installations, objects, performances, happenings ­ visual art, sound art, video, new media, radio art, film: from June 1st to July 16th, for the second time since 1996, over 40 internationally known artists and some 20 up-and-coming art school talents make the metropolis reverberate with sound.
At five central venues and many other exciting locales, sonambiente berlin 2006 generates an extensive network of events throughout the centre of Berlin.
With a wide-ranging programme, the festival for hearing and seeing kicks off its opening weekend, June 1st to 5th, parallel to the football world cup.
This major sporting event plays a direct role in several of the artists' works. From June 9th to July 7th, the sonambiente_public viewing sound art lounge at the Haus der Berliner Festpiele will be the place to watch live broadcasts of the football matches amidst the arts. sonambiente berlin 2006 is a production of the Akademie der Künste and the Berliner Festspiele. The Opening of the exhibition will be on June 1st 18h at the Akademie der Künste Pariser Platz.
Festival direction/artistic directors: Matthias Osterwold and Georg Weckwerth. more about the concept here
What's new: on Thursday, July 13th at 20:30 sonambiente invites you to the sixth sound art conversation in the tesla salon: week's subject is 'environment'. Closing: Saturday July 15th marks the closing of the sonambiente_film series Klangstaccato + Bilderflut II at the cinema Babylon Mitte. Films: Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani by Shinji Aoyama and Experimental Films by Katarina Matiasek. Followed by: a live performance by Scanner 52 Spaces and a DJ-Set with Scanner and Gudrun Gut. Last days: The sonambiente_exhibition will be open till Sunday 16th.
sonambiente 1996 sonambiente took place once before: the 1996 festival was part of the Academy of Arts' tricentennial celebration and presented the most comprehensive survey to date of contemporary international sound art. During the four weeks of that festival, some 50,000 visitors experienced sound art projects by more than 100 participating artists at more than 20 venues in Berlin's new Mitte (centre) district. Video sonambiente 1996