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Akademie der Künste am Pariser Platz
Akademie der Künste am Hanseatenweg
Ehemalige Polnische Botschaft unter den Linden
Allianzgebäude am Ku´Damm
Allianzgebäude am Ostbahnhof
Potsdamer Platz
Filmkunsthaus Babylon
Alexanderplatz and public urban space
space without sound art
Dresdener Bank Pariser Platz
St. Johannis-Evangelist-Kirche
COOPERATIONS tesla with sonambiente
Ruine der Franziskanerkirche
U-Bahnstation Klosterstraße
St. Marienkirche am Alexanderplatz
Galerie Gelbe MUSIK
Galerie der Österreichischen Botschaft
sonambiente 2006 In the glassy transparency of its new architecture, as well in its continuing status as a place in topographical and sociocultural transition, the not uncontroversial new building of the Akademie der Künste am Pariser Platz paradigmatically mirrors the changed urban situation ten years after the festival sonambiente1996. As in 1996, the festival has set up a central location there. By holding events in elegant new buildings with typical atrium design, such as the headquarters of the Dresdner Bank, but also in still tenantless new buildings, such as the Allianz high-rise at Ostbahnhof, the festival manifests the rapid changes in the urban landscape; as does the festival's presence at Schlossplatz, where the Palast der Republik currently is being demolished, or at Potsdamer Platz, with its seemingly aseptic architectonic world. Works are also being shown at "found" sites, such as the former Polish Embassy on Unter den Linden, and in historic buildings such as the church of St. Johannis-Evangelist on Auguststraße and the St. Marienkirche at Alexanderplatz. A further geographic focus is Quartier Klosterstraße, comprising tesla, located in the recently restored and renovated Podewil'schen Palais; the partially reconstructed Parochialkirche; the ruins of the Franziskanerkirche; the historic U2 metro station and the hypermodern Netherlands Embassy by Rem Koolhaas. Two other notable venues are the Allianz office building, in the modern style of the 1950s, at the corner of Kurfürstendamm/Joachimstaler Straße and, as the "space without sound art", the chimney of the former pumping station on Holzmarktstraße, which is being shown for the first time and will be open for a variety of artistic uses as »Radialsystem V« starting in autumn 2006.
Akademie der Künste am Pariser Platz 2 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 11-20:00, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
Foyer Reinhard Blum/Uwe Bressnik [A] Große Freiheit 2003/2006 A transport vehicle from the '70s fulfils all the criteria of a classical sculpture while simultaneously dealing with myths like freedom, flower-power and sex&drugs&rock’n’roll.
Foyer Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag [D] n modern minimal disco 1996—2006 The visitor, standing on a pedestal as if on exhibit, is submerged into an endlessly accelerating, paradoxical acoustic space by means of special headphones.
Atrium Werner Reiterer [A] Death's Voice Breathing 2006 Hanging from the ceiling, a loudspeaker gasps for breath.
Ihne tower Maurice van Tellingen [NL] miniatur-interieurs 2000—2006 Filigree reliefs depict spatial situations, furnished with the appropriate sounds.
Entrance hall Kris Vleeschouwer [B] Glass works 2005 Glasses fall from huge industrial racks whenever people in the city innocently throw bottles into a recycling container.
Room 1 Tilman Küntzel [D] Maßnahmenzur Instandhaltung des Klangkörpers Fan 2006 Room with maintenance devices for the WM Fan. And: hear original broadcasts of WM matches from 64 original Adidas TeamSpirit Balls.
Room 2 Bernhard Leitner [A] Serpentinata // 2006 A hose sculpture suspended in space surrounds viewers sculpturally and acoustically.
Room 3 Seppo Gründler [A] Minimundus 2004 Milestones of media and sound art as fully functioning miniatures. An encounter with Cage, Paik, Reich and Neuhaus in one room.
Room 4 Janet Cardiff/George Bures Miller [CDN] Opera for a small room 2005
R. Dennehy spent most of his life in Salmon Arm, Canada. We don't know very much about him. We know that at one time he collected opera records.
Basement Rolf Julius[D] Bewegung, oder wie Klaenge verschwinden 2006 I would like it to become still in these rooms, acoustically and visually still.
Level -1 Hans Peter Kuhn [D] Labyrinth (Meikyu 2) 2006 On the floor, a sound field is created from 60 loudspeakers with small neon tubes on the floor

Bridge Katja Kölle [D] Passaggio — Staccato 2006 A sounding floor installation made of hundreds of wooden squares and something immaterial to smell.
Bridge Maria Blondeel [B] Sunlight for Sound Pillows 2004/06 Pillows installed on luxurious Mies van der Rohe loungers are an invitation to relax and listen.
Akademie der Künste am Hanseatenweg 10 2 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 11-20:00, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
under the stairs Dave Allen [GB] All that is not The Beatles, and therefore not Abbey Road 2001 Playable negative casts of the vinyl White Album by The Beatles as a metaphorical reflection on the album's dubious fame and a commentary on original and remix.
Foyer Dave Allen [GB] Everything Starts on A, Everything Ends on B 2006 Score for a new record player work/composition using the pieces of music named in the work on the wall.
Rosengarten Susan Hiller [USA] What Every Gardener Knows 2003/06 An electronic carillon with music by Susan Hiller, based on Mendel’s theory of inherited characteristics, sounds every hour on the hour, half hour, and quarter hour.
1st floor foyer Donatella Landi [I] Plan de Poche 2004 The Paris Metro as a soundscape saved onto eighteen CDs.
1st floor foyer Maria Blondeel [B] Sunlight for Sound Pillow 2004/06 Pillows installed on luxurious Mies van der Rohe loungers are an invitation to relax and listen.
Room 1 Candice Breitz [ZA] Legend (A Portrait of Bob Marley) 2005 30 Jamaican men and women sing all the songs from Bob Marley's hit compilation "Legend", forming a fascinating choir of many voices.
Room 2 Julian Rosefeldt [D] The Soundmaker / Triology of Failure (part 1) 2004 With satirical wit, the multilayered three-channel film installation revives the existential metaphor of Sisyphus and ponders itself as a medium.
Room 3 Robert Jacobsen [D] Skulpturelles Theater Nr. 4 2006, Uraufführung Spatial composition for an ensemble of 6-7 kinetic sound-video sculptures.
Garden Alvin Curran [USA] Gardening with John 2005 A small garden shed becomes a memorial hut to John Cage.
Ehemalige Polnische Botschaft Unter den Linden 72-74
2 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 11-20:00 Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
Foyer GUT & RIST aka GUTARIST [D/CH][Gudrun Gut / Pipilotti Rist] Celle zu zweit selbst 2006 Earwax whispers: Gudrun come up to the parlour, my love..
Club room Jens Brand [D] GPod 2006 In addition to his already legendary GPlayer 4, the artist presents the latest technical innovation coming from the house of Brand, the GPod.
Room 1 Nicolas Collins [USA] Daguerreotypes [for reanimated LCD displays] 2006 Scenes from the world of sports are transferred to animated digital daguerreotypes. Two-part circuit installation to see and to hear.
Room 2 Stephen Vitiello [USA] Moving Together … (Sculpture Center Variation) 2005 Low frequency tones that can be felt, but not heard, cause the membranes of loudspeakers hanging from the ceiling to move rhythmically.
Room 3 Robin Minard [CDN] à voir en silence [to be seen in silence] 2006 an Artist's edition composed of handmade paper, integrated piezo loudspeaker elements, display box and audio CD.
Foyer Achim Wollscheid [D] inlet outlet 2006 Windows that automatically open and close shape the sounds of Unter den Linden into a composition for the foyer.
Small room Terry Fox [USA] Labyrinth of the inner Ear 2006 Fox accompanies the blind author Siegfried Saerberg on his reconnaissance of the Polish Embassy's surroundings. The tapping of the blind man's cane becomes a constant in the recording.
Banquet hall Joanna Dudley [AUS] Tom's Song 2006 A seemingly forgotten oversized box leads its independent acoustic existence and tells us about Tom.
Banquet hall Artur Zmijewski [PL] Unser Gesangbuch / Our Songbook 2003 The protagonists in Zmijewski's video are Polish Jews who emigrated to Israel during or after World War II. The artist asked the men and women to sing the songs of their childhood and youth in Polish.
Allianzgebäude am Kurfürstendamm Joachimstaler Straße 10—15
2 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mo 5 June, 15-20:00, staircase 11-20:00, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
Staircase Bernhard Leitner [A] Kaskade 2006 From parabolic bowls, narrowly concentrated sound beams are projected downward onto surfaces hung diagonally in the space, and reflect from these off the steps and walls of the staircase in the impressive 1950s architectural landmark.
4th floor Heinz Weber [D] Ikarus A 4 2006 An experiment in integrating space and material (here: loudspeaker) as sound-shaping parameters in a musical event.
3th floor Aernout Mik [NL] 3 laughing and 4 crying 1998 Despite a title that refers explicitly to sounds, this video installation astonishes with its complete absence of sound.
Allianzgebäude am Ostbahnhof Andreasstraße 7—12 2 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mo 5 June, 15-20:00, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
Atrium Ulrich Eller[D] Resonanzbehälter 2006 The resonance chambers of sandblasted steel lockers, assembled into a large-scale sculpture, are made subtly audible.
Erdgeschoss + 2. / 5.Stock sonambiente_laboratorium Presentation by 20 young artists: Robert Em Achleitner, Martin Bellardi/Anne Delakowitz, Oliver Bokan, Nathan Butler, Marlies Fuchs/Annabella Supper, Michael Graeve, Marcus Michael KŠubler, Young-Sup Kim, Satoshi Morita, Iris Rennert/Oliver Friedli, Denise Ritter, Stefan Roigk, Marcel SŠgesser, Martin Schšne, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, son:DA (Miha Horvat/Metka Golec), Dan St. Clair, Philipp Stadler, Lara Stanic, Stefan Zintel.
Potsdamer Platz Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz Northpavillon 2 June–16 July permanent, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
North pavilion [dy'na:mo] [A] <MOVINGLIGHTFIELD> 2006 Large-scale light and sound installation in the railway station's glass structure.
Cooperation with Deutsche Bahn AG
Schlossplatz 2 June–16 July, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
Oak at the former national monument Christina Kubisch [D] The Royal Tree 2006 by daylight A large oak tree, the only old tree in the vicinity, is decorated by 14 bronze-coloured tweeters, whose sounds – controlled by solar cells – mirror the rhythms of nature.
Cooperation with Berliner Schlossfreiheit e.V.
Underground chambers beneath the former national monument freq_out orchestra freq_out 4 2006 15-20:00 Conductor: Carl Michael von Hausswolff (S)
with Brandon LaBelle (USA), Tommi Grönlund/Petteri Nisunen (FI), Finnbogi Petursson (IS), Franz Pomassl (A), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK), J.G. Thirlwell (AUS), Mike Harding (GB), Jana Winderen (N), Maia Urstad  (N), Per Magnus Lindborg (N/S), Kent Tankred (S), BJ Nilsen (S)
Fourteen artists and electronic musicians acoustically plumb the depths of the impressive series of chambers via a frequency spectrum from 0-11000 Hz. A project by Berliner Schlossfreiheit e.V. in cooperation with sonambiente
On the Schlossbrücke Georg Klein / Steffi Weismann [D/CH] takeaway: haste Toene 2006 continuous A red currywurst stand becomes an interactive artwork. Cooperation with KlangQuadrat.
Filmkunsthaus Babylon Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30
2 June –16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mo 5 June 15-22:00, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
David First [USA] Dave’s Waves - A Sonic Restaurant 2002/2006 Unheard-of sounds are on the menu, to be relished via i-Pod and headphones. Cooperation with Filmkunsthaus Babylon
Alexanderplatz and public urban space 2 June –16 July spontaneously
Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga [NIC/USA] Public Broadcast Cart 2004/2006 The artist and Ars Electronica 2004 award recipient is underway daily around the city with a shopping cart that is a mobile radio station.
Cooperation with tesla and radioeinszueins.
Chimney of the Pumpwerk RADIALSYSTEM V Holzmarktstraße 31-33
2 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + 5 June 15-20:00, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18:00
sonambiente_a space without sound art 2006 Who, other than chimney sweeps, knows what chimneys sound like inside? The chimney of the former pumping station Radialsystem V is the place without sound art. Cooperation with RADIALSYSTEM V GmbH
Dresdner Bank Pariser Platz 6 10 June–8 July, daily 19:30-20:30
Alfred Behrens [D] You’ll never walk alone Europäische Stadiensounds 2006 Filmmaker Alfred Behrens has twice been awarded the Grimme Prize. His project is the official contribution of the FIFA WM 2006TM art and culture programme. The 55-minute piece is presented as performance.
Admission 3 Euro, reduced 2. Attention: limited number of tickets per performance. Tickets available at the Akademie der Künste am Pariser Platz and by ticket phone 030-20057-0 (AdK). Cooperation with Radio Bremen and Dresdner Bank Berlin.
Church St. Johannis-Evangelist Auguststraße 90 9 June–14 July, Tues.-Sun. 15-20:00, Opening Thurs. 8 June 20:00
Andreas Oldörp [D] ABSEITS 2006 Two singing flames transform the church space into a sound space.
Cooperation with Kulturbüro SOPHIEN..
tesla with sonambiente Quartier Klosterstraße:
tesla im Podewils’schen Palais Klosterstraße 68—70
1 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 16-22:00, Opening 31 May 20:00
Courtyard Edwin van der Heide [NL] Pneumatic Sound Field 2006 With pneumatic loudspeakers developed in the Open Studio, Heide arranges a spacious sound field in the inner courtyard of the Podewils’schen Palais.
Foyer Klasse Systemdesign [HGB Leipzig] Grafische Notationen Exhibition by the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig .Under the supervision of Daniela Haufe and Detlef Fiedler (cyan design, professors of graphic design) and Carsten Nicolai, students from the HGB have developed graphic notation for electronic music.
Studio 1 Ricardo Miranda [NIC/USA] Public Broadcast Cart 2004/2006 In the Open Studio, Zúñiga converts a shopping cart into a mobile radio station. On expeditions around the city, he collects material for a daily broadcast on UKW frequency 95,2. The project won an award at Ars Electronica 2004. Cooperation with radioeinszueins.

June and July in Studio 2: works by Lynn Pook & Julien Clauss (F), a workshop and a presentation by Sukanda Kartadinata (D) and a project with students from SAEM Weimar under the supervision of Robin Minard (CDN).
Kubus Carsten Nicolai [D] Fades 2006 The actually imperceptible light of his video projection is made visible through the use of fog, opening up a vast lightspace.

Parochialkirche Klosterstraße 67 1 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 14-20:00, Opening 31 May 18:00
Turm Miki Yui [J] atem + innerest 2006 Two spaces of contrasting character – light and dark. Two sound installations, atem and innerest, for observing our acoustic perception from both sides.
Presented by singuhr – hœrgalerie in parochial..

Ruine der Franziskanerkirche Zum Grauen Kloster Klosterstraße 73a 1 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 12-18:00, Opening 31 May 19:00
tamtam [Sam Auinger/Hannes Strobl] [A] Farben 2006 Sound art installation. Presented by tesla in cooperation with the Förderverein Klosterruine e.v.

U-Bahnstation Klosterstraße 1 June–16 July, when subways operate | Opening 31 May 22:00
Helen Mirra [USA] Green break for Jackson Mac Low 2005/2006 Cooperation with Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe.

St. Marienkirche am Alexanderplatz Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 8 27 Nov. 2005–2 Dec. 2006, 10-16:00
Michael Muschner [D] Der St. Marien Zyklus 2005-2006 The music uses the most original instrument, the sound of the human voice. Its pitch, cultural stamp and individuality will resound in 53 compositions during the ecclesiastical year. Cooperation with MaerzMusik/Berliner Festspiele

gelbe MUSIK Schaperstraße 11 1 June -15 July, Tues.-Fri. 13-18:00, Sat. 11-14:00, Opening 31 May 17:00
Finnbogi [IS] Corner 2006 4M2pet_werk 16 eliptical loudspeakers decorate the corner of a galery. A project by Gelbe MUSIK

Galerie der Österreichischen Botschaft Stauffenbergstraße 1 9 June–1 Sept., Mon.-Fri. 14-16:30, Opening 8 June 18:00
Bernhard Gál [A] Die Grüne Hölle 2006 The yelling, whistling, singing and clapping of tens of thousands of fans constitutes a truly symphonic sound experience whose dynamics and sonic intensity are a dream to the ears of a sound artist.
daadgalerie Zimmerstraße 90/91 9 June–15 July, Mon.-Sat. 11-18:00, Opening 8 June 19:00
Building Transmissions & Douglas Park [B/GB] O.T 2006 KSonic encounter with the former Teufelsberg monitoring station by the Belgian artists group around Niko Dockx. A project by daad