Laboratorium The works of some twenty young artists are presented at the sonambiente_laboratorium,  an exhibition curated in cooperation with professors from seven international art schools. The initiative is made possible by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and Allianz Berlin, and takes place on three floors of the Allianz building at Ostbahnhof.
Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar Fachbereich Freie Kunst
Prof. Christina Kubisch
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien Institut für Bildende und Mediale Kunst
Studienfach Medienübergreifende Kunst
Prof. Bernhard Leitner und Peter Boehm
Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig Faculty of Fine Arts Sound Sculpture/Sound Installation
Ulrich Eller
Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt und Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Studio for electroacoustic Music (SeaM), Hochschule fuer Musik und Bauhaus Universität Weimar
Prof. Robin Minard
Hochschule der Künste Bern Department of Music Art and Media Art
Valerian Maly
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Department of Sound
Prof. Nicolas Collins
Universität der Künste Berlin Sound Studies - Acoustic Communication
Prof. Sabine Breitsameter
Allianzgebäude am Ostbahnhof Andreasstraße 7—12 2 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mo 5 June, 15-20h, Opening Thurs. 1 June 18h
Laboratorium Artists
Robert EM Achleitner [D] psss... 2006 A bass loudspeaker caught in a web of thick black tape hangs in the middle of the room, sending out very low and intense bass frequencies – an examination of the physical reception of sound.
Martin Bellardi/Anne Delakowitz [D] Volumen over Lumen 2006 Translucent collars beam out individually arranged sounds as light.
Oliver Bokan [A] Gespräch unter vier Augen 2005/06 Audio found-footage fragments from the films "Kill Bill" 1 & 2 (Director: Quentin Tarantino) are analysed, fragmented and mounted as new simultaneous three-dimensional sound sequences.
Nathan Butler [USA] One of_Pieces for Removing Body 2005/2006 Performance at the Haus der Festspiele. A sequence of performative acts, physical and verbal, will be initiated and pursued to an illogical conclusion.
Marlies Fuchs/Annabella Supper [A] Klang-Farbe 2000 Sine tones in four different frequencies, and projections of the colour blue in four hues, enter into relationship, mutually influencing each other, intensifying, weakening, extinguishing. An examination of the phenomenon of synaesthetic perception.
Michael Graeve [USA] psc 2006 Site-specific installation that questions the timeworn ideas of music as a temporal art and painting as a spatial art.
Marcus Michael Käubler [D] Rotation 2003 Rotating picture and sound sequences from the parallel world of the London underground in a rondel of suspended metal casings.
Young-Sup Kim [ROK] Koexistenz 2006 From cable vessels reminiscent of traditional Korean ceramics come sounds of everyday noises composed in the style of traditional Korean percussion music – a link between past traditions and the modern world.
Satoshi Morita [J] schiessen, schlagen, werfen, fangen... 2006 Dynamic motion of people and their surroundings is made audible using sounds from ball sports.
Iris Rennert/Oliver Friedli [CH] 3HfA 2006 Central aspects of the fairy tale "3 Hazelnuts for Cinderella" are translated into seven sound images in a new picture and sound language. An installation with stereo viewers and headphones.
Denise Ritter [D] Flöz Tauentzien 2006 Muffled rumbling sound-noise strata force their way from deep black loudspeaker sculptures reminiscent of an open mine seam – a consideration of Saarland's coal and steel industry.
Stefan Roigk [D] up/1ce up.on a time 2006 Uncontrollable acoustic interference coming from a sculpture made of HDF discs cleaves time's continuum.
Marcel Saegesser [CH] Jubeltöne 2006 Through a built-in loudspeaker in the sound hole of a «Jubeltöne» zither, the Swiss zither soloist Lorenz Mühlemann tells us about his instrument. The flow of his words can briefly be stopped only by plucking the zither's strings – a kind of installational radio feature.
Martin Schoene [D] ResonanZen. Brain-Sounds 2006 With the help of EEG measurement technology and a Brain Avatar (artist's invention), the inaudible sound of our brains is made audible and we see the resonances and patterns that actually modulate our brain – an interactive video and sound installation.
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson [IS] The Important Little Man Show 2006 A video/sound/photo/text/illustration/lounge installation that works with the most disparate media
son:DA [SLO] situation nr_817 2006 A critical-ironic examination of the everyday digital environment. A subversive game with audio and video signals in a low-fi analogical space situation.
Dan St. Clair [USA] Call Notes 2006 The sounds of synthesised birds songs singing popular melodies are broadcast in public space.
Philipp Stadler [A] Klang-Farbe 2000 A sound-colour composition without a mathematical formula. Printing and monitor colours on one hand and computer-generated sine tones on the other are blended in fades and thereby transformed.
Lara Stanic [U] in the air 2006 DThe body of a transverse flute is made to vibrate by means of a flat-panel loudspeaker – a sound installation inspired by thoughts about an instrument independent of the musician's body.
Stefan Zintel [D] RAUM-Antwortenbel 2006 Five loudspeakers are lined up horizontally at ear height. By means of software written for this installation, a composition is created with up to 300 space responses [impulse responses].