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From 1 June to 16 July 2006 (Opening: 31 May), tesla with sonambiente presents a broad spectrum of artistic works and research around the medium of sound — as installations, presentations and soundwalks — at the Podewils’schen Palais and in the surrounding Klosterstraße neighbourhood. Six evenings in the tesla salon will be devoted to moderated conversations with artists and scholars, offering a place to construct concepts and theories. Topics such as Sound and Bodily Experience, Sound and Urban Space, and The Use of Interfaces and New Technologies will be discussed.
tesla mit sonambiente Quartier Klosterstraße tesla im Podewils’schen Palais Klosterstraße 68—70 1 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 16-22pm, Opening 31 May 20pm
Courtyard Edwin van der Heide [NL] Pneumatic Sound Field 2006 With pneumatic loudspeakers developed in the Open Studio, Heide arranges a spacious sound field in the inner courtyard of the Podewils’schen Palais.
Foyer Klasse Systemdesign [HGB Leipzig] Grafische Notationen Exhibition by the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig. Under the supervision of Daniela Haufe and Detlef Fiedler (cyan design, professors of graphic design) and Carsten Nicolai, students from the HGB have developed graphic notation for electronic music.
Studio 1 Ricardo Miranda [NIC/USA] Public Broadcast Cart 2004/2006 In the Open Studio, Zúñiga converts a shopping cart into a mobile radio station. On expeditions around the city, he collects material for a daily broadcast on UKW frequency 95,2. The project won an award at Ars Electronica 2004. Cooperation with radioeinszueins.

June and July in Studio 2: works by Lynn Pook & Julien Clauss [F] a workshop and a presentation by Sukanda Kartadinata [D] and a project with students from SAEM Weimar under the supervision of Robin Minard [CDN].
Kubus Carsten Nicolai [D] Fades 2006 The actually imperceptible light of his video projection is made visible through the use of fog, opening up a vast lightspace.

Klub tesla salon sonambiente 1-6 talks with artists and scientists Full programm see sonambiente_discourse und www.tesla-berlin.deund RadioTESLA sonambiente special: radio art about cities and sound Full programme see

Parochialkirche Klosterstraße 67 1 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 14-20pm, Opening 31 May 18pm
Turm Miki Yui [J] atem + innerest 2006 Two spaces of contrasting character – light and dark. Two sound installations, atem and innerest, for observing our acoustic perception from both sides.
Presented by singuhr – hörgalerie in parochial..

Ruine der Franziskanerkirche Zum Grauen Kloster Klosterstraße 73a
1 June–16 July, Tues.-Sun. + Mon 5 June 12-18pm, Opening 31 May 19pm
tamtam [Sam Auinger/Hannes Strobl] [A] Farben 2006 Sound art installation. Presented by tesla in cooperation with the Förderverein Klosterruine e.v.

U-Bahnstation Klosterstraße 1 June–16 July, when subways operate, Opening 31 May 22pm
Helen Mirra [USA] Green break for Jackson Mac Low 2005/2006 Cooperation with Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe.
Quartier Klosterstraße Fri. 9 June 16/18/20pm
Dutch Embassy Cilia Erens [NL] Hollands Doorzicht 2006
Soundwalks in public urban space in Quartier Klosterstraße. All walks start at the Dutch Embassy. A project by tesla with sonambiente in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy
St. Marienkirche am Alexanderplatz Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 8
27 Nov. 2005–2 Dec. 2006, 10-16pm
Michael Muschner [D] Der St. Marien Zyklus 2005-2006 The music uses the most original instrument, the sound of the human voice. Its pitch, cultural stamp and individuality will resound in 53 compositions during the ecclesiastical year. Cooperation with MaerzMusik/Berliner Festspiele

gelbe MUSIK Schaperstraße 11 1 June -15 July, Tues.-Fri. 13-18h, Sat. 11-14pm, Opening 31 May 17pm
Finnbogi [IS] Corner 2006 4M2pet_werk 16 eliptical loudspeakers decorate the corner of a galery. A project by Gelbe MUSIK

Galerie der Österreichischen Botschaft Stauffenbergstraße 1 9 June–1 Sept., Mon.-Fri. 14-16:30pm, Opening 8 June 18pm
Bernhard Gál [A] Die Grüne Hölle 2006 The yelling, whistling, singing and clapping of tens of thousands of fans constitutes a truly symphonic sound experience whose dynamics and sonic intensity are a dream to the ears of a sound artist.
daadgalerie Zimmerstraße 90/91 9 June–15 July, Mon.-Sat. 11-18pm
Opening 8 June 19pm
Building Transmissions & Douglas Park [B/GB] O.T 2006 KSonic encounter with the former Teufelsberg monitoring station by the Belgian artists group around Niko Dockx. A project by DAAD